Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cakes For A Cause!

I love that this DELICIOUS adoption fundraiser started with a post on Facebook from some of our good friends, the Morgans!  So, Jody emailed me and says, "You're not going to believe what the Morgans are doing for us! Check out what they put on Facebook this morning..."

"Homemade Caramel Cakes and Cheesecakes For Sale: $25. Morgans are raising funds to help the Schmelzers and Smiths get their babies from Ethiopia. Place your orders now!"

Oh my goodness!! I was so excited and overwhelmed that they were doing this for us and the Smiths! How SWEET!

The Morgans have the gift of hospitality like nothing I have ever seen before!   And the other gift they have is the gift of...COOKING!!! Again, it's like nothing I've ever seen! And Jay can make the BEST cheesecakes and caramel cakes in the world! Seriously amazing!

Well, we have a huge weakness for desserts so, we just had to buy a caramel cake from the support the Smiths!

Look at this cute sticker they had on every caramel cake and cheesecake to tell everyone "thanks" for supporting us on our adoption journeys!

DELICIOUS!  It was a huge cake!

This cake was so good!  We ate way too much of it!

Here are some of the sweet girls working on the cakes! That is Jay in the background overseeing the kitchen!!

Having fun "mixing it up" in the kitchen!!

And here is the totally crazy part...they raised over $2,000 making cakes!! They came over to our house and gave us $1,050 to go towards our adoption fund to bring Caroline Faith home!! Praise God!! It has been so AMAZING to watch all the FUN ways that He is bringing our baby girl home!


Heather said...

It's so awesome that you have friends helping you fundraise like that! Those cakes look delish!

Danielle said...

Those cakes look fabulous! Love that there are families around you adopting! Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Oh my word, that cake looks so good!! What awesome friends you all have!

meredith and justin said...

These cakes look delicious!

Debb said...

So sweet! Literally! Ha! What amazing friends! May it be a wonderful blessing toward you bringing Caroline Home! :o)

Megan said...

thanks for your friendship, prayers, and shout outs ;) love you girl! SO excited about this journey and our future little girlies!!

Heather said...

ahhhh - yay for Michael and Megan!!!! so incredible!

do they ship cakes to TX?? :) looks so yummy!