Monday, February 28, 2011

Before and Afters.

I so LOVE before and after pictures. I don't know what it is exactly about it that I love. I guess I just love to see transformation and change...especially when the after is much better than the before!

Well, Jody got me the BEST Valentines gift several years ago when Caty was just a baby. I actually made it really easy on him that year because I picked out the gift, ordered it, paid for it, and then went and picked it up when it was ready! I didn't even get him to wrap it because I could not wait to wear it! :)

The present was this necklace, and it's my favorite!!!

So this is the BEFORE picture!

But obviously someone was missing!!! So this year for Valentines, I asked Jody if I could a add a charm to the necklace, and he said YES!!

So, I went and picked it out, ordered it, paid for it, and then picked it up on Friday!

I was SO EXCITED to add Caroline Faith's charm to my necklace!

And here is the AFTER picture! much better! Now I feel like my necklace is complete again!!

And I know this probably sounds silly, but I can actually feel the weight of adding Caroline Faith's charm to the necklace. When you wear a necklace almost everyday, you get a good idea of how it feels on your neck. And now mine feels different. It's a little heavier...and I LOVE that!! Love being able to physically feel her as a part of our family.


Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

You go girl! Soon after God first spoke to me about adoption, He gave me a vision of a little 3 year old girl (or so!) with short curly hair. I knew then that we were to adopt from Africa. When we received our referral pics of Grace, I was a little bummed. She had long, braided hair. I received no other pictures. When we walked through the gates of HH 5 months later, guess who walked up to us with short, curly hair??? You are so wise to follow what God tells you, not conventional wisdom. HE is writing this story! Have a blessed week!

meredith and justin said...

I love your new charm and your love for Caroline Faith!

Unknown said...

So sweet! Love it!

Kelli said...

Love the necklace... so sweet!

Christy said...

awww that is precious!

Mark said...
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