Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sweetest Lemonade Stand!

I have been wanting to tell ya'll about the sweetest little girls who had a lemonade stand for us a few weeks ago!

The Sunday afternoon after the Fish Fry, Michelle texted me to see if we were at home. I texted her back that we were. And she said that they were on their way to "deliver" something!

Well, that afternoon her two precious little girls had a lemonade stand! And they did it all to raise money to help bring Caroline Faith home!!!

Michelle said they had so much fun doing it! They sold snacks too! I think by the time the afternoon was over, they had sold all the snacks in their pantry! :)

So, the girls came over to hand deliver the donation...$45!!! WOW!!! That was a really great lemonade/snack stand!!!

We were so blessed to accept their generous donation! I just love how God prompted their sweet hearts to help us on our adoption journey! Already at their young age, they are loving others and caring for orphans! Truly precious!!!

Yet another creative way that God is providing to bring Caroline Faith home! We are getting so close to our fundraising goal, and it's so neat to see all the ways that HE has provided!!


Kelly said...

He does provide in small and big ways! I love hearing of all the different ways. This was one sweet fundraiser!!!!

Kelli said...

What tender little hearts! Goodness!!!!! What a blessing.