Friday, June 17, 2011

9 Months...and Counting!

Today, June 17, 2011, marks our 9 Month Anniversary of being on the waitlist for Caroline Faith!!!

Wow!!! Sometimes it feels like it has been forever, and then some days it feels like the time has flown by! I remember the day we got on the waitlist like it was yesterday!

I am so glad to finally hit the 9 month mark. IF the projected waitlist times are correct (up to 18 months), then we are at least halfway there! And of course, I am hoping that we won't have to wait to full 18 months!

I am trying hard not to compare this wait to pregnancy...because we all know how significant the 9 month mark is in pregnancy! Yes, I am feeling very "full term" right now! :)

But adoption is a totally different, and equally beautiful journey! I am still so THANKFUL that the Lord has allowed to walk this road to our fourth child! My belly may not be growing bigger every month, but my heart and my faith sure are!

Caroline, we are more than ready to see your sweet face!!! We talk about you all the time, dream about what you will look like, and long to have you in our arms forever! We know that God has a wonderful plan to bring you into our family...and we CAN'T WAIT!!!

Hold on, baby girl! We LOVE you and we're coming soon.


Heather said...

Being somewhat absent moreso than usual in the blog world, to me it seems like this time has flown by! But I know that's easier to say as a bystander not going through the lengthy and exhausting process. I can't wait until you are saying "It's been 9 months since we brought our sweet Caroline home!"!!

michelle said...

Hear you, we had our 9 month sign on recently, some of the same thoughts came to mind.

Here is hoping that you are already past your half way mark but you just dont know it.

Praying for peace as we all wait for our children to be placed in our arms knowing they are already held in His loving arms &/or plans.

Kelly said...

I'm with you on the does seem like we have been waiting a long time, but I can't think of anything else worth waiting for. (Not to mention all the priceless lessons learned along the way.)

sydney said...

Beautiful post. And remember when you're holding Caroline Faith in your arms you will KNOW she was the one you were waiting for, who God intended for you all along.

Amy said...

Yay for reaching AT LEAST the halfway mark! Hoping more referrals start pouring in this week!