Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ten Months and Counting!

Today, July 17, 2011, marks exactly TEN MONTHS of being on the waitlist for Caroline Faith!

I am so excited that we have made it this far! With an estimated waitlist time frame of 12-18 months, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I know we are getting so much closer to our baby girl!

We started on the waitlist at #93, and we are now (unofficially) at we have moved 62 spots in 10 months. Not too bad! :)

I honestly am not even going to try to "do the math" and estimate the time of us seeing our daughter's face. I am trusting that it will be somewhere within in the 12-18 month time frame, so that would be anywhere from September 2011 to March 2012. I am just praying for sometime this next school year! I think we just might have a pretty exciting school year ahead of us!!! :)

I truly am starting to embrace this journey, including the long wait, as a beautiful part of God's purpose for our lives. He has been teaching us to so much, and I pray that our FAITH is growing. I want to be obedient to Christ during this unique time of waiting for our daughter. Being on this adoption journey is amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! So thankful that He called us to our baby girl in Ethiopia!

Caroline Faith, I can't even tell you how loved and longed for you are, sweet girl! We talk about you, think about you, and pray for you constantly! You may be far from us physically right now, but you are never far from our hearts. I can literally feel the Lord weaving you into our family. There is no other way to explain how we can be so in love with a baby girl we have never even seen. I think that is a part of the beauty of adoption. We miss you and our arms ache for you, but we will continue to trust our Heavenly Father and His perfect plan and timing.

Hold on, baby girl. We love you and we're coming soon.

"For the revelation awaits an appointed time...Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay." Habakkuk 2:3


Angie said...

Beautiful Alison! Can't wait to see what this next school year will bring.

Much love,
Future Mama

meredith and justin said...

It has been such a joy to follow your journey to Caroline Faith. I can't wait to see what happens this school year. So exciting!!

Becky said...

I listened to "While I'm Waiting" yesterday. I both made me cry, thinking of my own call to adoption, and made me think of you. You have been so faithful in your journey! That day is coming.
BTW, your blog makes me want to carry my camera with me everywhere! I MUST get better at picture taking so I can capture precious memories just as you have!

Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

I'm sure there have been MANY days in the past 10 months that you've felt like this waiting is just so long, but can I just say? You've been moving down that waiting list pretty darn fast!! I think the unknowns and the waiting have been what have grown me the most spiritually in the adoption process. In our humanness, we feel like we can control so many things. In the adoption process we can control so little. And it's hard and it's good!! Blessing to you as you wait~

Amanda said...

31!! Great news and even better news all the tiny and large ways God is working in your lives while you wait!! Exciting, Alison!!
ps. We saw Meg and Isaac over the 4th. Always good to see them:)

Kelli said...

Can't wait to see your little Caroline Faith.

Demetria Raper said...

soooo beautifully written, alison!! i can't wait to see your sweet baby girl!!! and the verse at the end is perfect....someone gave it to me the other day, so imagine my surprise seeing it here again so soon! i love it when God does that!!

Janet said...

Looking forward to an exciting year too! Would love if we got a chance to meet AT HH! Hugs to you waitlist buddy! : )

Anonymous said...

I’ve checked on your blog here and there for the past several months. It’s about time I commented:)! Just wanted to say how exciting it is to hear that you are one step closer to your little baby girl!