Friday, July 1, 2011

Travel Shots - Round 2!

Well, this morning Jody and I took advantage of having 3 hours by ourselves to go get our second round of travel shots!!!

Here are the 2 shots we got today...

Our second dose of the 3-part combo shot and one other shot!

Like a good wife, I insisted that Jody go first again! :)

And then it was my turn! I was trying to smile even in the pain!!! :)

This sweet man that did our shots today took his time! He was so nice, but he put them in really slow and it made it hurt even worse! Oh, well, like I've said before...

Caroline Faith is so worth the pain!!! All smiles for our baby girl in Ethiopia! :)

Now we will wait 5 months to get our very last round of travel shots! Maybe by that time we will have a picture of our baby girl to take with us!!!


Kelli said...

One step closer!!!!

Shannon said...

I so get that anything that you can do is getting closer to your baby. I was like that too. Hope the "ouchies" go away soon. Happy 4th!!

Hannah said...

You guys are so cute! I swear your even adorable getting shots :)

I lvoed the video below...had me in tears and making me want another baby right now!!