Friday, August 12, 2011

A Big Bracelet THANK YOU!!!

WOW!!! Have ya'll ever had a time when the words "thank you" just don't seem adequate?

Well, I am at one of those times right now! I have to give ya'll the HUGEST THANK YOU ever for helping us bring our baby girl home by purchasing bracelets from our fundraiser for the last year!  It's so cool to think that there are sweet friends all over the U.S. who are wearing their bracelets that they bought to help us bring Caroline Faith home!

Here is my bracelet that I wear every. single. day. I LOVE it! And I hope that ya'll are loving yours! I want to give a special shout-out THANK YOU SO MUCH to these sweet people who purchased bracelets to help us...and many of them purchased more than one! (I had one precious friend who purchased 9 bracelets!!! She was giving them as gifts! So sweet!)

Thank ya'll so much for helping us bring our baby girl home, and I hope that you (or the people you gave them to) are all LOVIN' their bracelets!!!

And, of course, I want to say the HUGEST THANK YOU EVER to my wonderful, talented, amazing, creative jewelry designer sister-in-law, Laura James of Laura James Jewelry!!! Laura, I really can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us! Your heart for the Lord and others is so precious! Thank you for giving up your time, efforts and resources to help bring your niece home! We love you so much!!!

Since we have officially closed the bracelet adoption fundraiser, I am excited to share the grand totals!

We sold a total of 103 bracelets and the Lord provided $2,465 to go towards our adoption expenses!!! To HIM be the glory!!!


Janet Holloway said...
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Janet Holloway said...

Alison, I'm so happy that you will soon be able to add Caroline to your family! I now wear my charm as a necklace and therefore keep it close to my heart and pray for you guys often. May God receive all the glory as He continues to bring you closer and closer together day by day! Praying and loving you all from Russia with love! Janet Holloway