Monday, March 12, 2012

At LAST!!!

Callie Grace brought the mail to me on Saturday afternoon, March 10, 2012,  and I was so surprised to see this lovely piece of paperwork in an official USCIS envelope...

Our newly updated FDL!!!!!!!

I got TEARS in my eyes, ya'll!  As you can see above, our approved I-600A has been extended!  YAY!!!

At last!!!  This was the final piece of paperwork that we needed to have everything back up to date!  We started this "paperwork/fingerprinting update process" back in November 2011.  So, needless to say, this is HUGE to have all this DONE!!! (for the second time!) :)

Nothing in our paperwork (including home study, fingerprints, FDL, etc.) will expire until 2013.  So, we are really praying that our sweet baby girl will be HOME in 2012!  It is a bold prayer to be sure, but we know that our God can do ANYTHING!  Nothing is impossible with Him!  So we are praying, if it's within His will, that He will allow our daughter to be home this year!!!

Now, for a cool detail...we received this updated FDL in the mail on March 10, 2102.  Well, exactly 2 years before on March 10, 2010, God laid it on my heart to email Kristi about adopting from Ethiopia.  I knew NO ONE who had adopted from Ethiopia, and I wanted to ask her if she knew anyone in our area who had. 

I still have the email saved that I sent her two years ago, and here are a couple of sentences from it...

"...we haven't even started the adoption process at all. I think, honestly, I am still scared and unsure...but praying about it everyday!"

Fast forward to two years later...we received our updated FDL which put us a huge step closer to our Caroline Faith!  Love how God works in every single detail of our journey!!!

"The Lord is not slow in keeping His promises..." 2 Peter 3:9


Hannah said...

Praise the Lord!! Isn't he wonderful?

Love it!!

Okay, I'm catching up. LOVE the yummy cupcakes and those adorable soccer stars :)

Shannon said...

So, so, so, so close! Love it :-)

Shannon said...

Woohooo!! I bet that feels so good to have that in your hands! We're just starting that process right now!

Carrie said...

I feel like so much of the adoption process is watching God show off His timing. You are getting close!