Monday, November 12, 2012

1,000 Days.

It's hard to believe it, but it's true.  This month marks 3 YEARS of praying for our baby girl.



OVER 1,000 DAYS.

In the spring of 2009, God started stirring my heart for "something more".  He gave me a season of holy discontentment, and I knew that God was about to ask us to do something big...something that would require much faith and perseverance.

A few months later, in November of 2009, God very clearly spoke to my heart and told me that we were supposed to start an adoption journey to bring our daughter home from Ethiopia.

Now here we are 3 years later, still waiting and praying for that same baby girl.

Over 1,000 days of praying faithfully for our daughter.  I never would have dreamed this scenario in a million years, but God knew all along.  He knew way back in the spring of 2009 when He first started to stir my heart for something more.  He knew the journey ahead would be difficult and long.  He knew this is what it would take to change our hearts and mold us and shape us to be ready to bring her home.

Do I get discouraged in the wait?  Yes.

Am I emotionally, spiritually, and physically weary?  Yes.

Do I doubt God's plan or His promise to bring her home?  No way.

I know His promise is true.  He will not delay.  He will come through for our family.   We will wait and pray for 1,000 more days if that is what He calls us to do.  We trust His plan.

I am clinging to the Lord, and trying to be still and quiet in His presence.  He is my one true source of strength.  He continues to fill my heart with this verse...

"in quietness and trust is your strength"  Isaiah 30:15

I am trying to quiet my heart and quiet my life as we wait to see Him bring our daughter home!


Sarah said...

I just stumbled onto this article on Waiting. It is so good I just had to share.

Love you sweet friend!

Robin said...

I can only imagine what God has used for these past 1,000 days for. You have shared the easy and the hard of your journey. How many people have quietly followed your story and been changed and found comfort in your strength.

Leigh said...

oh Alison, this makes my heart hurt. You have shown so much grace and strength through this process and sweet Caroline Faith is SO WORTH THIS!!!! Which you already know :) Praying for you and can't wait to celebrate your referral call! There will be tears in my house for sure!!!

A Road To Here said...

Keep your eyes on The Lord - the wait is long but the timing will be perfect for your family. Excited to have found your blog to follow your journey.