Friday, January 18, 2013

28 Months and BELIEVING!!!

Yesterday, January 17, 2013 marked exactly 28 MONTHS on the AGCI waitlist for our baby girl in Ethiopia!

I am usually pretty sentimental around and on the 17th of each month as it always marks another month waiting.  I have been especially sentimental as the months have gone on and on beyond our initial expected waitlist time.  
But yesterday morning on the 17th, God gave us an unbelievable gift to wake up to...


Yep, this was the view from our back porch when we woke up yesterday morning!  So BEAUTIFUL!!!  And down here in central Mississippi, this is not something we see very often at all!  I don't think we even saw a single snowflake last winter.  

Snow in Mississippi is always a really fun and super-exciting event!  I think we ended up getting about 4 inches of snow at our house!  

Our kids had "delayed start" for school yesterday, so they went out and played in the snow until time to get ready for school!  We had so much fun, and enjoyed every second of it!  (More snow pics to come!)

I couldn't help but have a smile on my face with the gorgeous gift that God gave us of SNOW on the 17th!  And then later that day, the sun came out!  Of course, it melted all the snow, but I was so thankful to see the sun!  We had not seen the sun shine in 4 days!

Sunshine and snow on the 17th?!?  No, I just couldn't be sad on a day like yesterday!  What a gift from above!!!

To our little love,

Our hearts were so full yesterday as we played in the snow, but I couldn't help but think about you, sweet girl.  I wondered where you were and what you were doing at that moment.  I daydreamed about what your "first snow" experience will be like one day.  

I think that God sent us the snow yesterday to remind us of His sovereignty and His beauty even in the midst of a long, emotional adoption journey.  I am choosing to hope in Him.  

It's a new year on this journey, and the Lord is filling me with renewed hope!  I am once again waking up praying everyday that "today will be the day that we see your face"!  I have already prayed that several times today!

We are starting to do more and more things to prepare for your arrival, Caroline.  The baby bedding in on your crib, and it looks so precious!  Perfect for our new little princess!  I know that the day is coming soon, and we are eagerly awaiting it.

Hold on, baby girl.  We love you and we're coming soon.

"Praise be to the LORD, for He has heard my cry for mercy.  The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and He helps me."
Psalm 28: 6-7


Megan said...

When we took our album to N in Ethiopia, we included a picture of playing in the snow in 2011. He was so excited by that picture--and ever since he came home he was begging for snow. Hoping you get to take those snow pictures to CF really soon!

Heather Wood said...

Allison, I love reading your blog. Your faith inspires me as I too am having a hard time understanding God's timing in our lives. My prayers will be with you, Jody, the kids, and your journey to Caroline Faith. God Bless!