Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bombers Baby Shower!

We were SO SURPRISED when our sweet Bombers baseball family turned the boys end of the season swim party into a "Bombers Baby Shower" for Caroline Faith!  We had no idea, and were completely shocked when we walked inside the party this past Sunday afternoon to see this...

 "Celebrating Future Member of the Bomber Family-Caroline Faith!"
This cake was so CUTE and so yummy!!!

 PINK baseball cookies to celebrate Caroline Faith!  Love!!!

 Jody and the girls walking in to see everything for the first time!

Mommy arrived late (surprise, surprise! ;) ), and was completely overwhelmed to see all the cuteness for our baby girl!  What a precious way to to welcome Caroline Faith to the "Bomber baseball family"!  I totally had TEARS in my eyes!

Family picture with Caroline Faith's cute baseball cake and cookies! :)

And someone was super excited to help Mommy open all the gifts!  LOTS of diapers, wipes and gift cards for baby girl!!!  So perfect-exactly what we needed!

We are so THANKFUL and BLESSED that God has allowed us to play baseball and do life with these precious families!  We truly treasure their friendships on and off the baseball field!  It is so amazing how they have fully embraced and supported us during this long adoption journey.  And they are now rejoicing with us and welcoming Caroline Faith into the Bomber family!  So precious!!!

I hope Caroline Faith is ready for all this Bomber baseball fun!!! :)


Steve and Evie Wesner said...

What a neat blessing from your friends and kind provision from the Lord!

Rebekah said...

How fun! I'm so excited you are so close!