Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ethiopia 2nd Trip - Day Three/"Gotcha Day!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I never had time to journal again once we reached Ethiopia, so I will try to go back and remember all the wonderful details!

Well, it was a LONG flight to Ethiopia, but thankfully...
we made it!!!  We got a little bit of sleep, but we were just so excited to be back in Ethiopia and off that plane!!!
 This was our very first view when we stepped off the plane and went to get on the bus that took us to the terminal.  It was a beautiful and very cool morning in Addis Ababa!

The bus took us to the airport terminal and we had to get more pictures in front of the sign!

 Welcome to Ethiopia!!!  We were so excited and so thankful to step back on African soil!  We were about to be re-united with our daughter!!!

We got to the customs line, and it was very long and crowded.  So, it took a little while to get through and get to baggage claim.  Everything seemed so much easier and familiar this trip, since we had just done this 6 weeks before!  It took a long time to find our luggage and there were no luggage carts available, so we finally let one of the luggage guys help us!  We had LOTS of stuff with all our luggage and Chris and Emma's too!  I have no idea how the guy pushed that cart around!

We couldn't find Danny anywhere, so the luggage guy used his cell phone and called Wass for us.  I didn't have Danny's number!  So then, Wass called Danny, and called us back to let us know that he was waiting for us outside in the parking lot!  We went outside, and finally saw Danny!  YAY!!!  We all gave him big hugs, and were so glad to see him again.

 Then we went to the van and Danny loaded our stuff to take us back to Hannah's Hope!!!

Back on the streets of Addis Ababa (with Danny at the wheel!) on our way back to Hannah's Hope!  Oh my...it felt SO GOOD to be back!  Thank You, Jesus!!!

To be continued...I hear a certain little one waking from her nap! :)  "Gotcha Day" details and pics coming soon!!!

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Unknown said...

Goodness, reading this just brings back a flood of memories =) Looking forward to the rest (and I guess I need to read back a couple posts too).