Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome Home, Caroline Faith!

Saturday, September 7, 2013
"Welcome Home Airport Party!"

Our final flight arrived in Jackson, Mississippi on time a little after 6:30 pm.  I can't even describe the feeling of relief, joy and excitement as we touched down on Southern soil with our sweet, sleeping daughter resting peacefully in our arms.  We were HOME!!!

And our three older children were about to meet their baby sister for the very first time!!!  

We got off the plane and gathered all our carry on bags, and I went to the bathroom to change Caroline Faith's clothes really quick.  And we also wanted to give all the other passengers time to get off the plane and through the terminal before us!  I had packed a very sweet, traditional white smocked bubble for Caroline Faith to wear.  It had been given to us when Callie Grace was a baby, and then Caty had also worn it as a baby.  It was so precious on Caroline Faith, and fit her perfectly!  The outfit is a 9 month size, but she was a very tiny 13 month old, so it was a great fit!  I loved seeing her in this outfit that all three of our daughters had now worn!  Sweetness!

She was a little fussy as I changed her because I had just woken her up, and she was still so sleepy.  It was the middle of the night Ethiopia time, and her little body was still adjusting to all the change.  I put on her little pearl bracelet, and put in her white flower headband.  The white sandals I had brought for her to wear were way too big on her tiny feet, so she just stayed barefoot!  It's a good thing that it's still hot in Mississippi in early September! :)

Then, I gave her to Jody to hold as we walked up toward the security area to meet all of our waiting friends and family!

All of the grandparents eagerly waiting!

 Callie Grace cheering that her baby sister is home!

 Caty is so excited!!!

The very first glimpse of Caroline Faith!  Carson was right in front waiting!

We couldn't believe it!  Caroline Faith saw the crowd, heard the cheers, and started smiling so BIG!!!

And what came next were truly some of the sweetest moments of my life...

 Tears of joy!!!

 All SIX of us were finally together!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

Love at first sight!

 Meeting Pops!

 She started to get a little overwhelmed and wanted to go to Mommy!

She was not too sure about this crowd anymore!  Poor baby!

Meeting her grandmothers!

Showing her all of her friends who have loved her and prayed for her for over 3 years!!!

Then, she started to get a little sleepy as she made her way through the crowd of friends...

She finally just laid her head on my chest...precious.

Meeting her friend Levi!

 Finally reunited with her friend Moses!  They had been together for months at Hannah's Hope, but hadn't seen each other in 6 months!

Moses going in for the kiss!!!  Love!!! :)

 Baby girl finally just fell fast asleep!  It was just too much to take in!

Talking with my Mom and some of my precious friends with my baby sleeping in my arms...such a sweet moment!  My heart was so full!!!

 Gathering up all of our stuff to head home!

And we walked out the doors of the airport to head home as a family of SIX!!!  After 3 and a half years waiting, Caroline Faith Letehiwot was finally home with our family, and we are just so THANKFUL!!!

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!"
2 Corinthians 9:15

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