Monday, April 7, 2014


Today, April 7, 2014, marks exactly 7 MONTHS HOME with our wild, spunky, active, sweet, adorable, joy-filled Ethiopian princess!!!

Caroline Faith has been so funny lately, and she is definitely keeping us on our toes!  The only time I take a "break" is when she is sleeping! :)  This morning, she threw her toothbrush in the toilet right as I was flushing it!  Oh my...I have plunged and plunged, but we may still end up having to call a plumber!  Ha!  Something like this goes on at our house pretty much every day! :)

As you can see from the pics above, her older brother and sisters have introduced her to "Easter egg hunting"!  They have set up many hunts for her in our backyard!  One of her favorite places to play is in our shower!  And yes, that is my sports bra around her neck!  :)

And she loves loves loves to eat sweets!  (Although I try to really limit her sugar intake.)  The bottom pic is of her LOVING her piece of Caty's ice cream cake this weekend!  Yummy!!!

I have started taking her to the gym nursery a few times a week, so that I can work out consistently again.  It has been great for both of us!!!  She loves the social interaction and getting out of the house, as does her Mommy! :)  She is so my child!!!  And I am keeping her room in the church nursery on Wednesday nights, and she is doing great with that so far too.

This weekend we were at Carson's baseball tournament, and she wandered off ahead of me.  A sweet lady stopped her and asked her something.  I saw her turn around and point at me and smile.  I went up to the lady and asked her what she had asked Caroline Faith?  She told me that she asked where her Mommy was?  This made me feel so good that she turned around and pointed to me!  So thankful she knows her Mommy!!!  That just warmed my heart!

I am so thankful for our 6 month season of cocooning this fall and winter.  We tried our hardest to simplify and slow down, and it was a sweet (and sometimes hard) season for us.  But God is so faithful, and He used it as a time of bonding and a time for love to grow.  And I am so very thankful that it's now spring and life is starting to take on a "new normal" for us!  God is so GOOD!!!!

Now, if the weather would just stay WARM that would be perfect!  Little Miss is happiest when she is OUTSIDE!!! :)

HAPPY 7 MONTHS HOME, Konjo!  We love you, baby girl, and we're so glad you're HOME!!!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33


Jessica said...

The story of Caroline Faith pointing you out as her mommy is so special!! She looks so very happy and full of energy.

Unknown said...

Time really flies fast when you're having fun. It’s just like yesterday when Caroline Faith first stepped into your family. She’s definitely a sweetheart, who gives you the most memorable and funny experiences. The toothbrush incident is quite cute and funny. I just hope it didn’t clog your toilet and hassled you that much. So, did you end up calling a plumber? :)

Wilson Horton @ Capital Care Plumbing