Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Meetcha Day" Anniversary!

One year ago today we landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and entered the black gates of Hannah's Hope to meet our baby girl for the very first time! These are the "good" pictures from that moment. Let's just say that Caroline Faith Letehiwot and I were BOTH crying when I held her for the first time! This adorable, but terrified 11 month old sweetheart had just met her new parents, and she was not too sure about us!  We asked ya'll to pray for her heart, and we saw God begin a miracle in the days ahead. Even through all the tears, this was a sacred and precious moment that we will never ever forget! We were living what we had prayed for and dreamed of for over 3 years, and it was completely surreal and amazing to see God's plan unfold as we finally held our daughter in our arms!

Happy "Meetcha Day" Anniversary, Baby Girl!

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Heather said...

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