Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready, Set,...


We're off! It's official...we are starting the big paperwork process...the dossier!

I just completed our dossier run-through call with our adoption agency, AGCI. It was a conference call, and it was so very helpful! This agency has been so wonderful to work with. They do such a great job of walking you through every step! And believe me, there are LOTS of steps!

Yes, you could say I am a little overwhelmed by all the paperwork ahead of us...but I am excited! Because at the end of it all, is a precious little girl that will be our daughter!! This will all be SO worth it! That is what I had to tell myself over and over again during my morning (rather, all-day) sickness with each of my pregnancies. Now I am going to say it over and over again to myself during this extensive paperwork process. :) So, let me say it again...this will all be SO worth it!!

My six year old took this picture for me after the call! It's a little blurry, but I thought she did really good! :)

The call took about an hour, and you had to be online, I was on our upstairs computer. I had a big talk with the kids about how "mommy had to be on a very important phone call to get our baby sister and they needed to be very quiet and sweet...and no spills or messes!"

Well, they actually did pretty good! Caty only came upstairs once, and thank goodness, you could mute yourself out of the call! But I have to give a big thank you to my sweet friend, Wendy, who loaned us "The Princess and the Frog" DVD for the kids to watch during the call. Brilliant idea!

Here are all the materials I had out in front of me during the call! I have a feeling that me and my "adoption planner" notebook are going to become very good friends this summer!! :)

Okay, super cool story! Back in March, when we started praying through the adoption process, God used so many people to confirm His will...and they didn't even know it! Remember, we told no one that we were even praying about this! Well, one day, Jody was talking to one of our good friends, and the friend said, "Hey! Did you hear about the cool things that God is doing in Doug and Shelly's life? They have just started the process to adopt a baby from Ethiopia!" Really???

Needless to say, I took this as another confirmation and was thrilled to hear of a couple we knew that had just started the process! Doug had previously been on staff with our church, but his family had recently moved away to be a part of another ministry in a different state. But I was still so excited just to have friends that were hearing the same exact calling on their life!

So, I get on the conference call today, and there was only one other couple on the call besides myself. Any guesses on who it was??

Yep! Our sweet friends, Doug and Shelly!! How cool is that?! It was hilarious because after the call, we "unmuted" ourselves and started saying hey to each other! Our case manager was like, "this is a party on the conference call!" Ha! So fun to have friends out there on the same step as us!


natali said...

that's so neat! the confirmation through friends!!

The Hunt Family said...

It was so cool to be on the same conference call with you today! Overwhelmed is how to describe us right now. But we are excited and humbled that God would allow us to do this. We will be driving through MS in a week. Maybe we can get together?

Kristi J said...

yayyyyy, so exciting..I love seeing this all grow for you all...Amazing, kristi

Amy said...

The paperwork feels daunting, but the homestudy paperwork was MUCH worse than the dossier! I hope it all goes quick for you!!!

Kelli said...

I googled dossier run-through call ... and your blog was the first one to pop up!!!! I wanted to read other blog about what to expect (our call is next thursday). So- thanks for documenting! This blog post from May has helped me out!

God Bless