Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faith, Fundraisers and FRAMES!!

I love pictures, and I really love picture frames! And my absolute favorites are painted distressed wood frames!

And here is my new FAVORITE!!

This story involves some precious friends that God has called to help us bring our baby girl home! I was so thrilled to get an email from our sweet friends, Jeff and Shana Foster! The Fosters have a very successful frame-making business called Rustic Creations.

Shana sent me an email saying that she and Jeff felt like God was calling them to design a line of frames to sell at their fall shows that would benefit our adoption! And they were going to do the same for three other local adoptive families! I was so EXCITED! She told us to be thinking of a verse or saying that we wanted to go on "our" frame.

Well, we weren't sure exactly which verse to choose, so we started praying about it. The story is kind of long and confusing of exactly how God showed us this verse, but it was amazing!! God revealed the SAME EXACT verse to Jody and I at different times!

So, that is how we came to choose Hebrews 11:1! It is the perfect verse for our adoption journey! This journey has been a huge step of FAITH, and God is growing our FAITH so much along the way! We are certainly hoping for our baby girl even though we can't see her or exactly how our journey will end...that is where the FAITH comes in!! And, of course, our baby girl's name is Caroline FAITH! :)

Here is our sweet friend Shanawho has been working so hard on all these frames! The Rustic Creations booth was packed today at the Canton Flea Market! They were doing great!! We just cannot thank them enough for all they have done to help us...what a blessing!

Here was the wall of "adoption frames" benefitting our family, the Deloach family, the Braddy family and the Smith family. They are all so beautiful! Shana asked me today if I liked them. My response? "No, I LOVE them!!" :)

Precious Catybug posing with one of the cute frames!

Here is Caty with our ONE purchase of the day...a $5 pink umbrella!

So, I didn't buy any frames, but Shana said that she is going to GIVE us one of our frames!! I am so excited! I have been trying to decide which color to choose, and I think I am going with the GREEN!


Joshua and Hilary said...

Oh my stars!!! I LOVE the frames, they're awesome!!! How creative and cool! Yay for creative people with such generous hearts! God's good!

Kelly Jo said...

I want one!! Definitely green!! Those people are awesome for doing that for y'all. :)

Hannah said...

Those are beautiful. What a beautiful thing for your friend to do. Surely her kindness will be blessed.

Brittney Galloway said...

That's really neat! What a blessing! and I love the green, great choice.

Mama Mimi said...

Wow - what an amazing gift and wonderful friends =)

meredith and justin said...

I love these frames! That is such an awesome idea and they are beautiful!

Jenny said...

i love the green! and i love these frames! such an awesome idea and such a sweet lady!

Abby said...

I love that verse. I underlined it in my Bible so now everytime I see it I will think of your sweet Caroline FAITH and pray for her.

ps. Love the frames!!!

Laurie said...

I LOVE these frames, and I think it's so neat that the Deloaches are being included, too. They're good friends of Dax's family. We can't wait to "meet" the babies whose adoptions are being supported by these fundraisers!

Amy said...

I love this verse, I recently found it and have been saying it almost daily. The frames are precious, I have to get one.:)

The Mulder Family said...

Oh my goodness great idea and they are too cute...can you have them shipped? How much are they? Just let me know...that would be a great frame for the baby's room!!

Erin said...

What a sweet, sweet idea! I love it! And...I love the green! Great color! What a perfect verse to cling to not only in the "waiting" journey, but all of Caroline Faith's life!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

Love this!!

Thank you for linking up on my blog and for allowing us to follow your adoption journey!

I am so excited to see how the Lord will work in your lives!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!