Saturday, September 17, 2011

One YEAR Closer!!!

The day we've been waiting for has arrived...September 17, 2011!!!

Today marks exactly ONE YEAR of being on the waitlist for Caroline Faith! I have these lyrics running through my head right now...

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?"

12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 4 seasons...all have passed by as we have sometimes patiently and many times not-so-patiently waited for our baby girl!

It was one year ago today that we took these memorable pictures...

We were SO EXCITED to finally be on the official WAITLIST for Caroline Faith at #93!!!

We knew then (and still know now) that it was the perfect waitlist number for God to align us with our Caroline Faith!

I love that we are ONE YEAR CLOSER to our precious daughter in Ethiopia! And I really love that we have finally reached the 12-18 month time frame that our agency is estimating for referral! We have gone from #93 to #23 in these past 12 months of waiting...70 spots! I think that's pretty good movement!

Well, we have had a super busy, but amazing week and weekend so far! God has been putting so many things on my heart this week. I have decided not to share them for right now, but hopefully I will one day in the future. But needless to say, it has been an emotional week!

Today, I am just rejoicing in where God has brought us over the past year! And I am so thankful for His goodness and His faithfulness! This adoption journey is by far the most AMAZING journey I have ever been on with the Lord, and I wouldn't trade a second of it! I'm so thankful that He has allowed us to walk this road to our fourth child, our beloved Caroline Faith.

I had to get a family picture of us all on our ONE YEAR WAITLIST ANNIVERSARY!!!

We love you, Caroline Faith! And we can't wait to have you HOME!!!


Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

The Yellow Daisies - that just might be the cutest name for a soccer team ever! And the little, tiny's all so cute!!

One! Today I am praying for the children of Ethiopia and for families like yours that are waiting so patiently.

Megan said...

I know that you know your waiting is not in vain and that there's SO much purpose in it! One of those purposes that you may not be aware of though is people up the list a ways like me :) thanks for the front row seat to let me watch you praise the Lord in this wait, to Press into Him during this wait, and to Pray fervently during this wait. You are being used! I can't 'wait' to hear how Caroline Faith's story and yours match up one day...soon! He's preparing y'all at the same time for each other. Congrats on being one year closer (and that is very close!) love u.

Kelly said...

I always smile at your anniversary posts b/c we are on the same schedule as you all. Wouldn't it be great if we received our referrals the same week, too?

Mrs. J said...

congratulations! one year is a big milestone. and those pictures are too cute!