Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Study Update...Almost Done!!!

Well, I am super excited to say that our home study update process is almost DONE!!!

Our social worker came yesterday afternoon for our home visit, and it went great!  I made sure to answer the door this time!  Haha! :)

We gave her all of the paperwork that we have been working on over the past month, and she said that is everything that she'll need from us!  She is going to work on our update over the weekend and have it ready for us early next week.  

Then we'll be able to apply for an extension to our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter).  This is the letter that basically approves our adoption with USCIS...US Immigration.  Our current FDL expires soon, but we are allowed one free extension.  So, hopefully I will be sending in our extension request by late next week!

I am so happy to say that once we have that FDL extension, all of our adoption paperwork will be UPDATED!!!  Our 2nd round of paperwork will be DONE, and we will be referral-ready for Caroline Faith! YAY!!! :)

Thankfully, the home study update process has been way easier than the initial home study process.  As we were talking to our social worker yesterday, we realized it had been a year and half since she had last been in our home.  It's  pretty crazy how fast the time has gone by!


Shannon said...

So glad that things are still moving in a positive forward direction. I'm sure by this time next week you'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Keep smiling :-)

Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Getting closer!! Hey, I just realized the other day that Julie James went w/ yall on the Adoption retreat...she's my advisor in Advocare! Nick & her husband have been in a small bible study together for about a year now:)

michelle said...

We're sending in for our new FDL this month as well and finished our HS update just a little bit ago and YES, it is so much easier this time around, glad you are almost there...

Jennifer said...

Praying she's in your arms before you know it! Your positive attitude helps me to stay positive throughout our process. Praying for yall!

Home Project Manager said...

What a great feeling!!! Congrats! Prayin this IS IT and no more paper updates for you guys!

Our visit is scheduled for next week and we're living out of our master bedroom right now!! EEEkk! That might make an awkward home visit. HA! "Yes, please come into our bedroom and have a seat on our bed."

But the house is under construction and that's the best we can do. I'm a little nervous. UGH!