Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Room Reveal!

I had a big project to work on last week during Spring Break...
Caty and Caroline Faith's room!!!

They are going to share a room, so I needed to make a small bedroom cute and functional for an almost 6 year old and a baby!  It took me a couple of months to get it together, but I really do LOVE the way it turned out!  I finished up most of the room last week!  I have a few more finishing touches to do, and I need to keep working on re-organizing their closet.  But it's almost through, so I thought I'd go ahead and share some pics! 

 The view when you walk in the doorway to the girls' room!

 Wide-angle view! Closet door is to the right of Caty's bed.

 Caroline Faith's (Baby Girl) side of the room! :)

 Caty's (Big Girl) side of the room! :)

 Caty's chest of drawers for her clothes! My grandmother bought this piece over 60 years ago at a garage sale!  She used it for my Dad, loaned it out to several friends and family, then my Mom used it for all 3 of us, and now I have used it for all of our kids!  It's been repaired, painted and we changed the knobs, but I still think it's been the best garage sale buy ever! :)

(Love the t-shirt sticking out of the cabinet! Just noticed that! Haha!) :)

Caroline Faith's dresser and changing table!

(The "Why God Made Little Girls" print hung in my room when I was a little girl!  It's vintage!  Haha!)

 Her sweet, sweet crib!  LOVE having a baby crib in our house again!  And so thankful to my friend Holly for passing down the precious baby bedding!

A sweet touch!  Can't wait to have a picture of our precious baby girl to put in that frame!  Hopefully soon! 

“And now, Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in You."
Psalm 39:7


Amy said...

LOVE it! So beautiful! You did a great job.
Love ya,

Joy said...

This is beautiful!

Shannon said...

Alison, that is such a pretty room. It looks effortless in its design and decor!! But that's how you know you did such an amazing job!! The colors are so beautiful.

Leigh said...

Adorable Alison!!! Can't wait for there to be a sweet baby girl in that crib!!!

Marcie said...

You did a great job! I love it!

Unknown said...

Awww.......that is so cute! Love the colors!

Mama Mimi said...

Oh it's so BEAUTIFUL!!!! The crib is stunning, have you used that for all of your babes? So beautiful and princessy. My favorite though, I must admit, is the cross with the Ethiopian art in it. WHERE did you GET that?!? It's the perfect touch! excited for you! The room is ready and you are too! Now get ringing phones!!! =)

Meaghan said...

Such a pretty room! Love it!

cal+claire said...

So precious. Just continuing to pray for your family, your heart, and Caroline Faith

Amber said...

So cute! I love all the personal touches!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see both girls in this room!!!

Jessica said...

This is a gorgeous room for two of your girlies! It looks so peaceful and full of love.

It is really neat that God used bluebirds in your adoption journey (you had written a comment on one of my posts about hawks).

I wanted to let you know that I changed my blog url to:
I don't want to trouble you, I just know that you have a link to my blog on your page, and it no longer works. :)

I am praying for you to see Caroline Faith's face this spring!

Unknown said...

I LOVE it!! Cannot wait to see that sweet baby girl in the beautiful crib!!