Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ethiopia 1st Trip - Day Two!

Friday, July 19, 2013

"It is Friday morning, and we are on the plane heading to Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA!!!  It still feels surreal even as I am sitting here in my airplane seat!  The Ethiopian stewardesses are now walking down the aisles passing out packages of socks, toothbrush & toothpaste, and eye masks!  We already had pillows and blankets in our seats when we got on the plane.  We are flying Ethiopian Air, and so far, we love it!

Yesterday afternoon, we landed in Washington, DC about 3:30 in the afternoon.  Thankfully, all 4 big suitcases made it!  YAY!!!  We were so glad because we had a pretty quick connection in Charlotte.  We paid $3 to rent a smart cart (totally worth it!) to help us get out to ground transportation to meet our airport shuttle.  We went to our hotel.  (The airline had paid for our hotel thankful!)  It was nice, and we were glad to have a few minutes to rest in the room.  We decided to take the shuttle later to go eat dinner at the local mall area.  I called Mom to check on the kids, and we kind of laid around for a little bit.

Then we got ready for dinner and rode the shuttle to a restaurant next to the mall.  We ate way too much, and tried to drink lots of water.  It was really yummy!  Then we went to shop for a little bit until it was time for the shuttle to come back and pick us up.  We went to get Jody another pair of jeans.  (He had only packed 1 pair, and they had a small hole in them.)  Next we went to buy more bug spray because we heard there were some mosquitos at Hannah's Hope.  Then we rode the shuttle back to the hotel to try to Skpe with the kids before they went to bed.  Skype was not cooperating, so we finally got to talk to them on Facetime.  Perfect!

Then it was time to get some sleep before our big flight the next morning!  I had a slight headache, so I took an Advil PM and hit the bed! :)  I woke up at 4:30 am, and I had to make myself got back to sleep until 6:00.  I was just so excited - and a little nervous too! :)  We got up and took quick showers and packed up ALL of our bags again!

We grabbed some yogurt downstairs in the lobby before we rode the shuttle back to the airport.  The shuttle dropped us off at the Ethiopian Air check-in area.  I got tears in my eyes just looking at all the BEAUTIFUL Ethiopian people around us.  It was so neat!

We stood in line to check our bags and met our new friends, Betsy and Greg, who live near us in Louisiana.  They are on their 2nd trip to pick up their son.  They are so precious, and we are so thankful to have them on our flight!  We got all 4 bags checked in with no problem at all!  All of the donations are with us on their way to Ethiopia!  And no extra luggage charge!  Praise God!!!

Then we went to send our luggage through the TSA luggage check, and we were on to security!  We got through security fine, and then headed down to our gate with Betsy and Greg.  We grabbed Starbucks with them and sat at our gate and talked.  We loved getting to know them better!

I called Mom to check on the kids, and I cried as I talked to Callie Grace.  She was pretty teary on the phone, and it just broke my heart.  I tried to tell her not to focus on us being gone, but to think about all the fun she's going to have this week!  Then I talked to Caty, and she seemed to be doing great.  Carson was already at baseball camp, so I got back on the phone with Mom and cried as I told her about all the beautiful Ethiopian stewardesses.  I was watching them de-board the plane and wave to their stewardess friends who were about to board our flight.  Such a neat sight!

I promised to stay in touch as much as possible!  Then I got off the phone, and Jody and I walked to the bookstore. As we were walking out of the store, we saw Emma and Chris, our AGCI friends who are going to meet their baby boy at HH!  I was so excited to get to meet them!  They are also on our flight (along with several other adoptive families!), and we'll be flying home with them too!

Finally it was time to board!  YAY!!!  We got on the plane, and we are sitting next to each other in the aisle and middle seat.  There is a sweet older lady from Philadelphia sitting next to me in the window seat.  She is on her way to Uganda to work with women in villages. So neat!  Betsy and Greg are a few rows behind us, and we have some really great people from Nashville sitting behind us.  They are on a mission trip with Visiting Orphans.

I asked one of them to take a quick picture, and then we were off to Ethiopia!!!  Ahhh!  So, so, so excited!!!  And feeling a little nervous about such a long flight, but I am praying that it goes by fast! :)

I can't wait to meet our baby girl!  I have such a peace that this is God's perfect timing for us to meet our daughter!  I am trusting Him to be with us, to protect us, and to bless our time with her.  We are just so excited!!!

We are coming, baby girl!"

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Chris said...

It was so nice reading your story. We just found out that our paperwork wasmsubmitted to court yesterday in Ethiopia. We should be traveling this weekend. We eard a rumor that te courts are not closin on August 6! Thank God!