Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catybug is SEVEN!!!

Our sweet little Catybug turned 7 years old today!!!  

We celebrated by having TEN little 7 year old girls, including Caty (and plus our own other 3 kiddos!), come over last night for Caty's very first spend the night party!  It was wild and crazy, and lots of memories were made!  The night consisted of playing in the sprinklers, pizza, decorating sun visors, jumping on the trampoline, opening presents, ice cream cake, fingernail painting, glow sticks outside, make overs, hide and seek, glitter tattoos, making smores, movie time, a little bit of sleeping and LOTS of giggling and squealing! 

 7 year old girls are FUN!!! :)

And she is super excited about getting her EARS PIERCED!!!!  

We are breaking our original "ear piercing rule" of being 9, and letting her do something CRAZY and get hers pierced at 7!  Haha!  Yep, we're pretty crazy like that! :)  So, after her last cheer competition of the season, she'll be getting some earrings!!!  So excited!  Pics to come! 


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