Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mississippi Connections!

Well, it finally happened!! Remember when I told you here, that our social worker told us about another family that was adopting from Ethiopia with AGCI? She said they lived in the Jackson, MS area and they have 3 kids, just like us...but she couldn't "reveal their identity" until she got their permission.

I kept trying to get their email address, but it just wasn't working out...(sigh). Until yesterday, when I got an email AND this comment on my blog post!

THAT's ME!!!!! She emailed me and asked if she could send the info on, and we said YES!!! I just sent you an email. I am also SO thrilled to find out about you. Looking forward to making

Well, we made contact!! Yesterday afternoon, Sarah and I connected via email, and I am just thrilled! We share the same enthusiasm about our adoption, and the same heart for our baby girls waiting on us!! That's right...they're adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia too! YAY!! We are hoping to meet them in person at our next adoption fellowship group in July.

You gotta understand that this is HUGE for me! One of my biggest fears/concerns when we were praying about adoption was that we knew NO FAMILIES in our area that had adopted from Ethiopia. I posted here about how God helped me to get past those fears and direct us in the path of OBEDIENCE! I felt like God was telling me to be obedient to His calling, to trust Him, and to just watch how His plan unfolds.

And ya'll, He is blowing us away!! We are amazed at how He is changing hearts and calling His people...even here in orphans and adoption! We now know 6 families in Mississippi already in the process of adopting from Ethiopia (5 of them in the Jackson area), one family that has already adopted from South Africa, one family in the process of adopting domestically, and many other families that are really close...they are praying right now about God's calling on their family to adopt!

I am sure that there are more than that...those are just the ones I know of! God is showing me everyday that His plans are HUGE, and His love for orphans is too! And more and more of them are coming HOME to their forever families!

And that just makes this Mississippi girl smile really big! :)

"God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:6


natali said...

woohoooO!!! :D

Christy said...

yaaaay! How exciting!

Kristi J said...

JUST LEFT A BRAVES Baseball game and someone stopped me to say they'd seen our video and were friends of yours...too funny...waht a small world, kj

Alison said...

I just heard! It was our friend David! How funny is that! He called Jody a little while ago to say that he had met ya'll!! So fun! I loved that he recognized ya' is a small world! :)

Jenny said...

glad you found me! and so glad that you and the stilner's found each other!!!!