Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Worth the Pain!

Guess what we did yesterday???

Started our first round of TRAVEL SHOTS!!!

Yep, as in TRAVEL TO ETHIOPIA shots! :) YAY!!! I was so excited to feel like we were doing something to move closer to our baby girl! One of the shots needs to be started at least six months before travel, so we decided to go ahead and get a few shots yesterday!

I gladly let Jody go first in getting the shots! He did great!

And then it was my turn! The one time in my life I have actually SMILED while getting a shot! :) I was just so happy to do something for our Caroline Faith! It really didn't hurt too bad, but my left arm has been really sore since then. But she is worth the pain!!!

The girls were with us, but they didn't like watching us get the shots! Callie Grace wouldn't even stay in the same room while we got them!

We will go back in one month for the second round of shots, and then 5 months from then for the third (and final) round! Another step closer to going to ETHIOPIA for our baby girl! Hoping and praying for lots of movement on the waitlist this month!!!


Hannah said...

Little pain...a lot of gain :)

Abby said...

what shots did you all decide to get???

Erin said...

woo-hoo! Another step closer!! Will you email which shots you got and how you decided which ones? Thanks, girl!

erica said...

Yay for being another step closer!! :)

Go and Tell said...

YAY for shots!!! Praying so hard this month for MOVEMENT!!! Maybe we'll start our shots in a month or two! :)

Kelli said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for lots of movement.

U Silly Pickle said...

Yay! Not for the sore arm, of course, but Yay! ONE. STEP. CLOSER!

Btw- where did you go to get them? I've got to do mine, like ASAP! Yikes!!

Shannon said...

I'm feeling your pain!! Hehehe
I remember getting my shots. It is totally worth it...Absolutely :-) So glad that every day is one day closer for you and the family :-)