Monday, November 28, 2011

New November 2011 Number!!!

We got an email from our sweet AGCI case worker, K, last Tuesday with our new November 2011 number! Or I guess I should just say "our November 2011 number" because this number is definitely not "new" to us...

Yep, we are still sitting pretty at #22 on the AGCI Ethiopia girl waitlist!

In November 2010, we were #74 on the waitlist, and today we are #22! That is definitely better, although I have to admit I was REALLY hoping for the teens this month! We have been in the 20's for four months now, and that is way too long, if you ask me! :)

The wait is hard, but God is GOOD! We are really hoping and praying to see LOTS of movement in December that will bring us closer to our sweet baby girl!

And that would definitely be the best Christmas present of all! Praying for the TEENS for December, or better yet...the SINGLE DIGITS!!! :)

But for now, we are trying to rest here at #22, while trusting in THE ONE who is WAY BIGGER than any number on any waitlist!!!

"They cried to You and were saved; in You they trusted and were not disappointed."
Psalm 22:5


Anonymous said...

Praying alongside you for some teen numbers in December!! Oh yeah!

Unknown said...

Praying with and for you, sweet friend! I'm always encouraged by your perspective to keep your eyes on Jesus, no matter what! :)

meredith and justin said...

Praying you are in the teens by the end of the week!

Kristen said...

As I was driving home yesterday, I noticed that I was facing my "Caroline Faith prayer spot" from the opposite direction. This made me think of how often I have thought about the blessing that her mom is giving you, but how little I have thanked God for the blessing you, Jody and your precious kids will be to her!!! I prayed that she will have peace in knowing that her baby girl will grow up in a wonderful home with truly amazing people! I prayed that you will be encouraged and will be preparing your heart not only to RECEIVE this gift, but to BE this gift!! Love You!!

Hannah said...

Just keep your eyes on the Lord. It's so hard when you feel like your not moving...but HE is moving things along even when we can't seem them move.

All that is easy to say for me right's not me waiting on my baby. But it once was and I felt like I was drowning in stress and frustration. I thought if another person told me it was all in the Lords time I was going to smack them right upside the head. But then they came home and you know what...the time was perfect. Once you're out of the storm you can see so much clearer. Just know that it really IS in his time and that even when it feels like you are are not. We are praying for your family.

Thankful to the Lord that you are so much closer than you were last year!

Home Project Manager said...

I am struggling with understanding God "not moving" in spaces of our lives, but I remember all the times I didn't think He was moving in my life and then came the most amazing events! I also remember all the times God took care of His people in the Bible. We just need to remember these times when we feel like God isn't moving. We have to rest in knowing all things are in God's timing and not ours. Which I find VERY difficult as I am a planner and a little too organized and in control.

I have a feeling numbers are going to start dropping once all the littles come home with their families. Hang in there!

cal+claire said...

love those sweet kids with Santa! A-dorable.

We will continue to pray as you wait to finally hold your Ethiopian princess