Saturday, December 17, 2011

15 Months and Hoping!

Today, December 17, 2011, marks exactly 15 MONTHS on the AGCI girl waitlist for our precious baby girl in Ethiopia!

I am actually starting to like getting to the 17th of every month, because I love knowing the we are another month CLOSER! And it has been really neat along the journey how God always seems to provide something really fun or meaningful on the 17th.

We are getting oh-so close to the TEENS on the waiting list, so I am really looking forward to getting our official December waitlist number...hopefully next week!

To our precious Caroline Faith,

You are constantly on my heart and mind. I told your Daddy the other day, that I am having trouble keeping track of all the Christmas to-do lists. I think it is because I am constantly praying and thinking of YOU! I don't have much more room in my heart or brain to think of anything else! :)

Your older sisters and brother are talking about you all the time too. They cannot wait to have you home! They were so excited to finally move a few numbers closer to you this week! I can't wait for you to get home and meet them. They are already in LOVE with you...we all are!

Maybe it's because of the Christmas season, or maybe it's because we are getting closer to you, I'm not sure...but I know this, I am aching for you more than ever before. I am constantly praying for you until I literally run out of words to say. The I just start praying that the Spirit will intercede. I pray that He will go before the throne of God with intercession for us.

I pray that wherever you are, if you are born or still inside your birthmother's womb, that you will feel the love of God on and around you today. I pray that you will know how wanted, how loved, how special, how beautiful, how precious you are to God and to us...your forever family!

Hold on, baby girl. We love you and we're coming soon!

"Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14


Megan said...

What a sweet perspective--every day that goes by is not just one day longer, it's one day CLOSER, too. Praying for Caroline Faith (and Eve, and Nathan, and Marleigh and all the little ones who are precious in His sight) right along with you, friend.

The Annessa Family said...

One day it!


Polly said...

Today marks our ONE year DTE (12/17/11).... Happy DTE-anniversary to you as well! I can't wait to see you at Created for Care. Hope the wedding is beautiful today! Love you friend :)

Hannah said...

One day closer:)

When we were in process with Dmitry we had to get everything done twice because it took so long. Crazy...but totally worth it!

Lara said...

You have such endurance! I love your attitude.

Jessica said...

Happy 15 months! Praying for a nice number...maybe 15?!? You are getting so close!

sydney said...

I pray for your family! My friend is also adopting from ET (she lives in MN). I have a strong feeling of a referral for you guys around Valentine's Day-we will see if God is putting that date on my heart for a reason!
Have a very blessed Christmas-your last as a family of 5!