Thursday, December 15, 2011

USCIS Fingerprints are DONE! (for the 2nd time!)

This morning, Caty and I headed downtown to the federal building to get my biometric fingerprints done at our local USCIS office. Yes, we had done this once before back in November of 2010, so we were doing this for the 2nd time!

Our fingerprints will expire in February, so we had to go ahead and start the renewal process. Doing this again keeps our FDL current. That letter is basically our federal approval to adopt Caroline Faith from Ethiopia, so we definitely want to keep it updated!

The same precious lady was there from last year, and she was so encouraging! She even remembered us from last year! It was super quick, and we were in and out of there in less than 20 minutes. So glad to have these done! Praying that this is our last time to do these fingerprints!!!

You are not allowed to take cell phones or cameras in the building, but I got Caty to snap a picture after our appointment. I've gotta photo-document every step of the journey! (even the ones we have to do twice!) :)

Fingerprints done!!!!

Caty and I had to get a picture together too! This little one has been a trooper in the adoption process! I promise, she is like my little sidekick on this journey!

Here we are together last year getting the fingerprints done! :)

Caty has gotten dragged around with me on all my "adoption errands" over the last 20 months, and she has done great! I am so proud of her and her sweet spirit through it all! She knows we are doing all this to help bring her baby sister home, and she LOVES that!!! :)


Hartsock family blog said...

I love your devotion to your little one. It will be all worth it soon! Blessings! Kourtney

Unknown said...

So glad they're done! We're headed to do the same thing too, since court may or may not be before ours expire. It's not fun- but part of the process to get our babies home and I'll gladly work towards that however they want me to! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, that Caty girl! So sweet!