Thursday, December 8, 2011

Travel Shots? DONE!!!

One week ago today, we headed back down to our local health department to complete our travel shots for Ethiopia! Yep, we are DONE with all our shots!!!

As usual, I made Jody go first! :) That way, he can take the pain first and tell me how bad it is! Although, we both agreed this final round wasn't as bad as round 2 of the shots!

Miss Catybug was smiling big! I think she was just happy that she didn't have to get any shots herself! :)

Watching the shot go in...why did I do that? I think it made it worse!

I just decided to smile for the next shot! I highly suggest taking pictures while you are getting shots. I promise, you don't even think about the pain when you are trying to smile during the midst of it! :)

I LOVE that we are done with this step!!! Just makes me feel better every step we take closer to our baby girl!

A friend with our agency pointed out today that AGCI has changed the waitlist timeline estimates. Their website now says, "After you have submitted your dossier, your family could wait up to 24 months or more to be referred a child."

We had been told 12-18 months when we first got on the waitlist in September 2010. Then, a few months later, they lowered it to 9-12 months. Then they raised it again to 12-18 months. And now, it looks like it has extended to 24 months or more. Which, at the rate we are moving on the waitlist, seems like a more realistic time frame.

Okay, I have decided to prepare my heart for up to 24 months on the waitlist (which would be September 2012), and then if we know who she is any sooner than that, it will be a WONDERFUL surprise!!!

I am still very hopeful that we could see her sweet face BEFORE next fall, but I have to put it all in God's hands and just totally trust HIS timing!


Angela Braniff said...

I am so inspired by your strength and patience! We are just beginning our wait for Rose, and it feels so hard already. I literally can't wait to see your Gotcha day post for Caroline Faith!

Brooke said...

I should probably know more about these shots...did your agency tell you about them? Finn is just getting all his first round of shots...and I probably need to look into if there is anything he needs. We are 4th on the wait list for a boy at our agency....really hoping things keep moving! Praying for your patience (which seems strong) as I go to bed tonight!