Friday, August 17, 2012

23 Months and PRAYING!!!

Today, August 17, 2012, marks exactly 23 MONTHS of being on the AGCI waitlist for Caroline Faith!

This time last month, we were so excited to have finally made it to the single digits on the waitlist, and this month we THINK that we are in the TOP FIVE!!!  

But no matter what, we are another month closer to our baby girl, and that is a great reason to REJOICE!  In fact, Jody and I are about to go celebrate on a lunch date...since all of our kiddos are now in school all day!  Still trying to let that fact sink in! :)

I am always a little emotional on the "17th" of every month as we hit another waitlist anniversary.  I am always thankful that we are another month closer, but then sad that we are still waiting all at the same's kind of emotionally confusing! :)  So far, I have only really cried once today, so we are off to a good start!

Currently, our agency is estimating the wait time for referral of a baby girl at 24 months...which is only one month away where we are in our wait!!!  But unfortunately, this estimated wait time seems to be extended every month.  They are telling us to prepare to wait 24 months or longer.  We are just praying for God's perfect will and timing...and maybe for a  SEPTEMBER MIRACLE!  :)

And if any of ya'll want to pray for a September miracle with us...please do!!!  We appreciate your prayers so much!

I read this in Jesus Calling this morning, and just LOVED it...

"Accept each day just as it comes to you.  Do not waste your time and energy wishing for a different set of circumstances.  Instead, trust Me enough to yield to My design and purposes.  Remember that nothing can separate you from My loving presence; you are Mine."

Thank You, Jesus! Just what I need to read this morning!

Beautiful Baby Girl,

Here we are over 2 years in the process to bring you home, and we have been praying for you even longer that that!  We can't wait to see your precious face!

I can't change our circumstances where we are in the wait for you, but I can yield completely to the One who has designed a perfect plan for you to come into our family!  I am trusting the Lord to bring you home soon!

Your big brother and sisters ask about you ALL THE TIME!  They want to know when you will be home!  And they really want to take you to "show and tell" at school too! :)  Everybody is so excited to have you in our family!

Praying for you multiples time each and every day!  You are always on our hearts and minds.  It's amazing that even though we have never even seen your face, we are already in LOVE with you!

Hold on, baby girl.  We love you and we're coming soon.

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want...He restores my soul."  Psalm 23: 1-3


Shannon said...

I know you are so ready to meet Caroline Faith. However, every time I read a post about her, I just smile because I know that God is writing this INCREDIBLE story right here in front of your eyes. And I know that we will never know the full story behind how she was brought to you, but I hope you will be able to write about how, on those certain days when it was the toughest, something amazing was happening in Ethiopia regarding Carline Faith. Can't wait to hear/read about how all of those pieces came together for the glory of God! Hugs!!!

Laurie said...

I pray for you every time God brings you to mind. I know that God is using this time to sanctify and refine you and that He is receiving great glory from how you're trusting Him in the waiting. May He continue to keep you patient and full of faith. I am coming to MS in October. I'm praying I'll get to meet Caroline Faith then!

Meredith said...

I think I'll do a little dance when you all get in the Top 5!!! Praying for you all and Caroline Faith tonight.


Heather said...

Praying for a September miracle for you!!! Regardless- the second you see her face and meet her and have her home.... And the puzzle pieces fall into place, you will be amazed at this story that God has written! It is so awesome! Can't wait to watch!

Katie said...

Oh friend! Praying for you...I know you are aching for your precious baby girl! I cannot wait to see her beautiful face, too! Love and miss you!

TorahGirl said...

Praying for the sweetest call of your life!!!!!!!!!! SOON!!!!

Kelly said...

Alison-I am so sorry that you have had to wait this long to see your sweet Caroline Faith's face but am joyful that you continue to trust and rely on the One who is building your family. Hugs to you as you wait on Him!