Friday, August 31, 2012

New August 2012 Number!!!

Well, last night as Jody and I were right in the middle of watching "The Hunger Games", he saw on his phone that we had gotten an email from our AGCI case worker, M, with our new wait list number!

Our new August 2012 number on the girl wait list is...


I was disappointed to see that we were #6.  In fact, I was really glad we were in the middle of a movie, so I could start the movie again and "escape" from the reality of the fact that we were not (as I had thought) in the top five.

It's kind of hard to explain, but because of a certain referral that went out for a baby girl and where that family was on the wait list, I assumed that we were already #5.  Obviously, I was wrong, and it was hard to know that we were really higher on the list than I thought.

Our little "countdown wall" number line upstairs already has us as #5. In fact, I am not even going to tell the kids that we are really #6.  They won't understand, and it will just disappoint them.  So ya'll don't tell them either, ok? :)

Anyway, I prayed late last night that God would just change my heart and take away my discouragement.  I will say, that I am better today and trying to be thankful for the one spot that we DID move.  If ya'll have followed our journey these past 2 1/2 years, then you know there have been many months where we haven't moved at all!  So, yes, I am thankful to be one more spot closer to our baby girl!

So here we are today at #6, and this is what I texted my Mom this morning...

Me: "Got our email last night...#6.  Trying to not be discouraged and instead be thankful for the one spot that we did move.  It's hard...a true test of faith.  Clinging to the Lord and knowing He has a good plan, even when I don't understand it."

Mom: "God's plans are many times different from ours but always perfect...I know this wait seems endless but it will be worth it all!  Praying it will not be much longer!!!!!

Me: "I know...His plan and timing are perfect and one day when she is home I know this wait will all make sense!  Thank u for praying!  I am praying too!!! :)

And I am indeed praying that these last few spots on the wait list go by fast!!!  Can't wait to see our sweet baby girl's face!

"My soul is in deep anguish. How long, LORD, how long?  The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer."
Psalm 6: 3,9


woosterweester said...

Boo! So sorry, I totally get that kind of disappointment. Although, it's gotta be that much harder when you are near the top! Been praying hard the last couple of days for some movement. I know there are children out there who need a mama and a daddy and I am praying that THOSE children find their way to HH quickly. Love you friend!!

G said... sorry for the discouragement... But, I am really always so excited to see your new numbers!!! Praying for you, too!

Meredith said...

Oh friend, I'm sorry for the disappointment but know that God already has Caroline Faith picked out for you and is still just getting everything ready.

Love & prayers, sweet friend!

Amber said...

I understand your discouragement completely. It's easy for me to say this side of the referral, but believe me, your sweet Caroline Faith will be worth every second of your wait! God is never a day late with His perfect timing, and I will continue to pray that He will protect your heart until you see her sweet face!

Robin said...

I understand your disappointment. IT is so hard living in the unknown time frame before you are blessed with a child. Thinking of you today.

Jessica said...

The Psalm 6:3,9 that you posted is just perfect for how a lot of us have been feeling in our adoption processes.

I am praying so hard that the orphans of Ethiopia are found and brought to Hannah's Hope to be matched to their parents soon! And in the meantime, I pray time goes quickly for all waiting--orphans and parents.

Go and Tell said...

I know that is a disappointment. Praying that this is THE MONTH!! Love that verse, just read it the other day, too!

Amy Ritter said...

Faith in God includes faith in his timing. It's just sometime hard to tell the head and the heart. Hang in there He is working through you and with you.

Mrs. J said...

my heart goes out to you. I know exactly where you are. praying for referrals soon for both our families.