Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2nd Renewal Request!

Well, late on Monday afternoon (which was Christmas Day in Ethiopia!) I took this little crew with me to mail off our 2nd fingerprint renewal request to USCIS!

We did our original USCIS fingerprints in November of 2010, then we renewed them for the second time in December 2011, and now we are requesting to renew them once again! They expire every 15 months, so when you are in the middle of LONG international adoption process you get to do them several times! :)

We are hoping and praying that the "3rd times a charm", and that this will be our LAST time to have to renew these fingerprints!  I just checked our tracking number, and it says that our request arrived at the USCIS office this morning!  Hopefully, we will get quick fingerprint appointments and get this done soon!

Round 3:  Let the adoption paperwork begin AGAIN!!!


Sarah Broadus said...

3rd and last time! Face by Easter-PRAYINGGGGGGG

woosterweester said...

Dear Lord YES! This is the last time. Absolute last time. I am praying I get to actually meet and hold your girl when we go in a couple of weeks. Nothing would thrill me more.

Kristen [Teamfuest] said...

We're in a similar boat! Updating our homestudy so we can renew our immigration paperwork. For us this is the first time we're updating, so I can imagine round 3 of paperwork feels like it should be the last time! Hoping you meet your little one soon!!

Meaghan said...

We will go get our fingerprints updated Monday...not exactly as exciting as the first trip to the federal building! Praying 2013 is our year!