Monday, February 25, 2013

Upward Celebration Night!

We finished up a really fun Upward season this weekend!  I have to admit it was pretty busy with all three kids participating and with Jody and I both coaching, but the kids loved it and we all had a fun season!

This past Friday night was the Upward Celebration night when the cheerleaders all perform on the stage.  It was so cute, and both girls did great!!!

 This was Caty's first Upward cheer season, and she rocked it!!! :)

 Coach Mommy and her little cheerleader!

 It was Callie Grace's 4th year, so she is an Upward pro by now! :)  This is the girls with their precious, beautiful cousin, Sarah.  She helped coach our squad, and we all love her so much!

 Our Upward crew with their "top secret" gifts they got after the celebration!  Trying to get a picture without some craziness is about impossible! Ha!

They are so CRAZY!!!  :)

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