Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New April 2013 Number!!!

Well, it's really the first day of May, but we are just now getting our April 2013 number!  I got an email this afternoon from B, one of the AGCI caseworkers, that we are still "holding strong" on the girl list at...


No surprises there, as we have not heard of any baby girl referrals going out in the past couple of months.  I am ready to "let go" of #2 and just stare at our baby girl's picture all day long! :)

We are really, really, really hopeful that MAY is our month!!!  PRAYING that this is the last official number that we will ever post on this blog!  This Friday, May 3rd will mark 3 YEARS exactly since we mailed our application to AGCI.  Of course, we would love to celebrate that day with a referral call! :)

I know that so many of ya'll sweet friends have followed our journey faithfully over the past 3 years, and I am just so thankful.  Thank you for praying for us and our daughter.  It's so encouraging and humbling to know that ya'll are so faithful in prayer for our family!  Thank you for sticking it out these past 3 years.  Sometimes I wonder if people are getting tired of hearing about our adoption journey, but I think that most people are just still out there cheering us on to the finish.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We really do feel like our adoption journey has turned into more of a "waiting on the Lord" journey.  Over the past 3 years, we have learned and grown through the struggles of being in a waiting season.

We know what it's like to cry your eyes out because you are aching for your journey to be complete.  We know what it's like to rejoice in all the many miracles that God does during the wait.  We know what it's like to be encouraged and prayed for during the wait.  We know what it's like to grow spiritually (and physically!) as years pass during a waiting season.  We know what it's like to fast and pray and beg God to move on your behalf.  We know what it's like to hear Him continue to whisper to you to trust Him.

I know that many of ya'll are waiting on the Lord too...even though it may be for something completely different.  Hang in there.  Hold on to HOPE.  Keep trusting Him.  Cry out to Him.   Depend on Him each and every day.  Spend time in His Word.  Meditate on His promises.

God will not delay.  He is always faithful.  JOY comes in the morning!!!

Beautiful baby girl,

I don't know for sure where you are right now, but I hope that right this very second you are being loved on and cared for.  I hope you feel very loved, Caroline Faith.  Because you are.

You are loved by your family and by your Father.  We are longing for the day when He releases you to be with us forever.  We can't wait for the day when He places you in our family.  

Hoping and praying that right this very second He is making a way for you to come home.  No matter what obstacles stand in the way, we know that He is greater.  He is higher.  We rejoice already in what He will do on your behalf!

Hold on, baby girl.  We love you and we're coming soon.

"How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!"
Psalm 2:12


Robin said...

We are still in the cheering section! Praying you see your baby's sweet face this month.

The Hamns said...

Have been following your sweet blog for a long time! Can't wait to see that precious girl with your family. Know that those that don't even know you will be rejoicing with you when that referral comes. Your faith and patience and trusting have been an inspiration to me.

michelle said...

Alison, like Robin, cheering you on for the final stretch, you will get there girl!!! Let HIM be strong for you and I am SOOOOO looking forward to that day soon when you have referral for a post, but of course you want this too only a million times more, lol. Praying for you!!!

Jennifer said...

I have followed you since the beginning and i check this everyday praying that you have seen her face. Praying with you!

Unknown said...

Though I'm not around much these days to comment, I am still fervently praying for your sweet Caroline Faith and for your family to remain strong in the wait. You have endured well. Much love to you, sweet friend!

Go and Tell said...

definitely wish we could be crazy walking and crying buddies together!:) I've been praying for you to see caroline faith's face and I'll keep on. the 3 year mark is definitely hard.....we will get there, friend!

Michelle said...

That is so awesome. I know all too well how hard the wait can be. Prepare your heart for what is to come. While I anticipated the rush of excitement, the odd thing is that I didn't understand the amount of grieving that would come in hearing our little one's story...that as you know, is the bittersweet part of adoption. Praying for you in the wait.