Sunday, June 23, 2013

1 Month Since Seeing Your Face!

Dear Caroline Faith,

Today is June 23, 2013, and it's a special anniversary for us.  It's been exactly ONE MONTH since we have seen your adorable face!  I can honestly say that this has been one of the best months of my entire life!  It's been a complete whirlwind of joy, excitement, and LOVE!  Our life and our family has changed forever, and we love it!!!

I am so thankful to have a phone that I can see pictures on because I spend lots of time everyday just flipping through all your cute pictures!  And I'm having so much fun showing you off to all of our friends and family!  Everyone just loves seeing your pictures and how PRECIOUS you are!  Your smile is so contagious, and I love watching people smile as they look at your cute, big smile!  Pure joy!!!

After over 3 years in this adoption process, I am still having to pinch myself that this is real!  Praise God, it is!!! :)  I am really packing suitcases to finally go to Ethiopia!!!  Ahhhhh!  Still can't believe it!  My heart is just still so FULL to the point of bursting!  I have almost totally lost my voice from all the talking I have done in the past month!  It's just so great to be able to talk to people about you and how God has placed you in our family!  (And I've been doing a lot of cheering at your brother's baseball games too!)  I am trying to rest my voice some...hmmm, we'll see how that goes! :)

You are now 10 months old, and I still don't know if you are crawling or not.  I really wish I knew!  Hopefully, we'll be in Ethiopia soon to find out! :)  I know that you have been well because our case worker would call us if you had been sick.  So, I am very thankful that you have been healthy and well over the past month.  I don't have any pictures of you from June, but just maybe we'll get a peek of you soon!  I can't wait to see how much you've grown over the past month!

We are anticipating our preliminary court date that's coming up soon.  I am trying to not worry or be anxious at all, but instead to just give it all to the Lord.  I have been repeating this verse in my head over the past few days..."Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God, and the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."  You are His child, and I know that He has good plans for you.  I know that He has you in the palm of His hand.  I know that I can trust Him...and in Him is perfect peace.

Our love for you has grown even more in the past month.  Every day that goes by, the Lord just knits you more and more into our family.  Your pictures are all over our house, and I love seeing your pictures everywhere just like the pictures of your brother and sisters!  Your Daddy and I will celebrate our 13 year anniversary tomorrow, and I am so excited that we'll celebrate as a Mommy and Daddy of FOUR precious children!  And I love my new response when people ask me how old our kids are?  It's so much fun to say, "They are 9, 7, 6 and 10 months!!!" Love... :)

We are so thankful to be ONE MONTH closer to having you home with us baby girl!  And we are so excited about getting to come to Ethiopia to meet you!  We are hoping and praying to have you in our arms very soon!

Happy 1 Month Referralaversary, sweet baby girl!  We all love you SO MUCH!!!


Shannon said...

Sweet. Lovely. Precious. Endearing.

cal+claire said...

I just feel like their are no words for how happy I am for your family. We are starting the adoption process in the next few months and my heart is already excited about the prospect of that little one. You have waited so long and have trusted in God so intensely, now cross the finish line for God has allowed you to win this race! (also save your voice, haha, that little girl is going to want to talk to her mama!) said...

Just get up to date on your beautiful blog and i have tears of JOY for your family and for the sweeeeeet lil girl the God of the Universe has brought to your family! I am praying PRAYING - BIIIIIIIIG TIME that you get more updates and learn of the day you will hop on that plan to hold her SOOOOOOON!!!! XOXOXOXO