Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's been a little crazy around here with school starting back last week!  And I still haven't had a chance to post the annual "back to school" pictures!  Hopefully soon!  I have some cute ones! :)  They are loving school, have wonderful teachers, and have good friends in their classes.  It honestly could not be a better start to the school year.  We are so thankful!!!

Well, how are things going on the adoption front?  And the question I get asked the most...when are ya'll going back to get Caroline Faith???  Good question!  We can't wait to find out, and we are hoping that it's soon!

Getting submitted to the Embassy last week was kind of like a "wake-up call" for me to start packing and getting ready for our 2nd trip!  Several friends of ours have been cleared about 2 weeks after submission, so we are hoping that our case might go just as fast!  We'll see what God's timing will be!  

I am trying so hard not to pray MY will (which would be SOON!), but to just pray that HIS will prevails.  He knows way much better than I do what the best timing is for everyone...for Caroline Faith, for our older kids, for us, etc.  I am just trusting Him to work out all the details.  And I get a little overwhelmed if I try to think about it too much, "plan it all out", which is totally in my nature to do.  But I feel so much better when I just relax and give it all to Him.  He has brought us this far over the past 3 and a half years, and I know He is not about to let us go now!  God has got this!!!

Our sweet caseworker from our adoption agency (AGCI) sent us this adorable bunny in the mail the other day for our baby girl!!!  I just love it! It is so soft, and it's already in Caroline Faith's crib just waiting on her to get home!  And the card was so precious too!  We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful adoption agency.  It's been a slow process for sure, but a sweet one!

Okay, so how am I doing being an ocean apart from our little miss?  (I get this question a lot too!)  Ya'll know I always try to keep it open, honest and real on here.   God is just so good, and He truly is giving me that "peace that passes all understanding".  I have had my moments where I just burst into tears, or I start crying listening to a song on the radio.  Or my arms start literally aching to hold her.  I look at pictures of her and I just want to scoop her out of the picture and into my arms.  (Sound crazy?!?!)  

Those moments happen a good bit, but I am trying not to give in to the temptation to throw a pity party or feel sorry for myself.  Even though we are separated from our daughter, we KNOW that she'll be home soon and we're trusting Him in that.

I am trying to keep really busy with packing and getting ready to bring home a 1 year old!  Oh my!  We have been doing some "baby-proofing" around here!  All the outlets are now covered with plugs, but I am still working on a gate for the stairs...that is my next project!  I have been busy gathering baby things, donations, gifts and other extras to take back with us to Ethiopia.  Looks like we are going to be loaded up once again on trip #2!  :)

We watch videos of baby girl almost every night, and the kids just love seeing her.  They think she is the funniest thing ever (and she really is!), and they laugh and laugh as they watch her on video.  Her joyous smile and squeal are just contagious!  I pray all the time that her personality continues to shine through even over the transition ahead.  I am sensing that we are all in for a huge transition and change.  Praying that the Lord's mercy and favor and grace just flow down on us during this next season.  I think we will have some hard moments, but I know He'll be faithful to carry us.

A friend reminded me the other day that the Lord doesn't call us to "easy".  He calls us to things that grow and stretch our faith, that require us to have daily dependence on Him.  But through it all, He is with us, and He is glorified in our weakness.  And that's really all we want.  That's what the past 3 and half years have been all about...the Lord.  It's not about's all about Him.

Lord Jesus, help me to remember this in all the many changes we will be going through in the coming weeks and months.  This journey is all about You.  May we glorify You fully even in the hardest times.  May we sing Your praises in the most joyous and exciting times.  Whatever we go through...may You be fully honored.  It is a blessing and privilege to walk with You, Jesus.  I am so weak, but You are strong.  In Your presence alone is fullness of joy.  Jesus, please let Your timing prevail in bringing our daughter home.  We trust You.

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Shannon said...

So sweet! Wasn't it wonderful day to receive the AGCI gift in the maii. I remember coming home from work (way back in 2010) and seeing that wonderful box on the doorstep. You are doing the right thing staying busy right now. I don't know if this will help but what I did was wash all the clothes that hubby and I took on our 1st trip and just repacked them. No thought involved and took off some of the stress :-) When you get that phone call, you and Jody will have to move SO fast. So exciting!! Hugs to you during this very mini "wait" time.