Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We have been hoping and praying that we would get an email from the US Embassy this week, saying that we could come to Ethiopia next week for our visa appointment to bring Caroline Faith home.  I have been praying so hard and asking others to pray for that specifically as well.

Last night, I had a crazy dream that the Embassy emailed us and told us our case was very close to being done...except that we had forgotten to submit a lock of her hair!!!  Haha!

Thankfully, the US Embassy does not require submitting samples of the children's hair, but honestly sometimes, I feel like the things they require are a little much.  Although, I do understand that the intense scrutiny of every adoption case is all in an effort to protect children and families, and keep adoption in Ethiopia ethical and safe.  Of course, we are all for that, but sometimes, I feel like we are jumping through a million hoops to get our baby girl home.  (But, every hoop is worth it!!!) :)

Well, we did get an email from the Embassy today regarding our case.  And they are requesting another interview.  I have to admit, I wanted to cry when I found out.  This could delay our case getting cleared for several more weeks.  I hope not though!  We should know more about an interview date tomorrow.

God was so gracious to allow me to be having coffee with my friend, Kim, when Jody called me with the news.  (He gets all the emails from the Embassy regarding our case.)  Kim was so precious and encouraging...and she just sympathized with me.  Exactly what I needed in that moment.

As I look back to when we were in country, I feel like the Lord was trying to prepare me for this.  Every staff member (and our in country director), when I asked, told me that they thought the Embassy would require another interview in our case.  I just didn't want to believe it.  I just set myself up to think that we were going to clear Embassy instantly with no problems or delays.

And I do believe that God could have done that, if that was His will.  But it's not, and I have to accept that.  I have a choice...I can sit around and cry my eyes out, throw a pity party, and complain about the delay to getting back to Caroline Faith.  OR...I can choose to accept that God is in control, trust Him, and believe that His timing and plan are higher than mine.

I have learned so much about over the past 3 1/2 years on this adoption journey.   (And obviously, patience is not one of them!  ahhhh!  God is still working on that in me!)  One is this...I do not always understand God's ways.  And I don't have to.  He is the Sovereign God of the universe, and there is no way my feeble mind will every understand His ways.  I may never see a purpose in this divine delay this side of heaven.  And that is okay.

He is God.  His ways are higher.  His ways are greater.  (Isaiah 55:9)  I just have to believe and trust His sovereignty.  And believe that He does have a plan and is working out all things for our good. (Romans 8:28)  This is another test of my faith.  I have to keep my eyes on Him, and want His purposes more than my own.

And that brings me to another lesson I've learned along the way...it's not about me.  At all.  It's not even about our baby girl.  There are so many people involved in this story of Caroline Faith coming into our family.  God is looking out for all of them, and His plan is best for us all.  I am trusting that.  I am trusting that He already has the perfect day chosen for us to bring her home.  All of these things are just a part of that plan that lead to that wonderful day.

Hope...I am clinging to it today.  I am choosing it today.

This is the sign on the door frame of the home that our precious daughter is sleeping in right now.  This is where she has lived most of her life.

God has covered her home in Ethiopia with hope.  And He is covering our home here in the United States with hope.

Today, I choose to rest in that hope...and trust Him.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, And in His word do I HOPE."
Psalm 130:5


Amber said...

Such a great perspective. We will continue to pray until she is home safe in your arms, and we will continue to trust that God will keep her in His perfect care until then(and after for that matter:)).

Kate said...

Praying, sweet friend. Loved seeing you this weekend.

Meaghan said...

Praying you get a quick interview date and immediate clearance!

Blume Family said...

Sorry, to hear of this delay for your sake and also hers! We will keep praying! We know God is faithful! Blessings to your family! http://blumefam.blogspot.com/

amy said...

I, too, am waiting for our Embassy date to bring our little girl from Ethiopia home. So to pass time I'm reading blogs of others who have adopted from Ethiopia and I happened upon yours. It was great to learn of someone going through a similar experience as I am since it's a hard one to explain to friends at home. Our court date was July 31 and we were told it will take about 3 months for our Embassy date. Hopefully it'll be sooner because it is killin' me to not have her home!! Hopefully we'll both be there soon.

cal+claire said...

Praying for your sweet family. The wait is so painful, but it will all be incredibly worth it!