Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Same Outfit, Different Cheerleaders!

 Just for a little fun...
Callie Grace, fall of 2004 in the Grove at Ole Miss

 Caty, fall of 2008 in the Rebel Club at Vaught Hemingway Stadium 

Caroline Faith, fall of 2013 outside Newk's restaurant in Madison

Haha!  CF hasn't made it to Oxford quite yet, but she loves being an Ole Miss cheerleader!!!  I would say this cheerleading outfit was a good investment all those years ago when Marmi bought it for CG! :)  Oh, and our niece, EK wore it too!  Love all these little cheerleaders!!!

Back to 2nd trip posts soon!!!


Meaghan said...

Yes,that cheerleader suit was a great investment! Adorable pics! You know I'm talking about the girls and not their attire ;)

Unknown said...

SOOOO cute!!!!! Shows just how tiny she is too =)

G said...

LOVE this! So cool! :)