Friday, September 23, 2011

the faith bracelet.

As we were leaving lunch the other day, Mimi gave me this...

precious FAITH bracelet!!!

As you can imagine, I LOVE it! I keep looking down at it, and it makes me think of our precious baby girl and this amazing journey we are on to bring her home! And it reminds me to pray for her too!

Callie Grace begged me to let her wear it to school yesterday. I said she could, but I was a little nervous she might lose it! But I am happy to say, she made it off the school bus with it still on her little wrist! :)

Well, I have to share a sweet story. We were having our family Bible story and prayer time last night before bed. It was time to say prayers, and Jody told all the kids to hold hands. Callie Grace was acting silly and wouldn't hold Caty's hand.

So, Caty just stuck her hand out in the air and said, "I'll just pretend like I'm holding Caroline Faith's hand!"

So precious! It just melted my heart! I really can't wait to see them holding hands one day. Praying that day comes soon.


Marcie said...

I love your new bracelet! I think that it is great to have something to remind you of little Caroline Faith!

jill funkhouser said...

love it. Where did she get it! I might have to add that to my wish list!

Elle J said...

What a GREAT bracelet and friend!!!

Shannon said...

What a great bracelet. I really love it!! What a beautiful if you needed any more reminding, right? :-) You're always in my thoughts here in OH.

Christy said...

ooooooh I want to know where you got it too! :)

Jessica said...

That's a beautiful bracelet and a sweet reminder!

Your prayer story is cute--it sounds like your children are so ready for Caroline Faith to join them!

Jared and Erica Wingler said...

I love that bracelet. Where did she get it?