Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No News is...

Well, I am not doing a great job of blogging lately.  It looks like Wednesday afternoons might turn into my "blogging day" because that is the only afternoon the kids don't have sports! :)  

But hopefully, I will get back into the blogging groove again soon.  I think it's a mixture of busyness, not ever being on the computer (I just do everything from my iphone!), and the fact that my emotions are all over the place.  Sometimes (just being honest here), it is easier to avoid this blog altogether because it's just plain hard.

Sorry to be so "real" on ya'll, but that's just the truth.  "No news" is really just news on the adoption front at all.  We have been at #2 for over a month now.  The past month has been agonizing in the wait.  There are some reasons that I don't want to talk about publicly yet, but maybe one day I'll be able to.  But just know, we have been doing some major praying for our daughter lately, and for God to act on her behalf.  We believe and trust that His will and timing will prevail...and that it will be perfect.  But waiting on our phone to ring is just really hard some days!

It's times like these in life when you can't "see" God moving that your faith really has to kick into overdrive, so to speak.  It's times like these when you have to literally CLING to God's promises that He is working all things together for our good.  It's times like these when you have to choose to believe that God is acting on your behalf even if it seems like you are sitting still. really all comes down to that.

Callie Grace made me this painting a few weeks ago, and it's just so precious to me.  Right now, we are just believing in God's faithfulness.  No matter how much longer we wait to see our daughter's face, He is faithful.

He is always, always, always faithful.

Jesus, please forgive my faithlessness.  Help me to always believe in Your faithfulness.

"Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass."
1 Thessalonians 5:24


Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Loved this:) I am finally reading The Circle Maker that you mentioned, & WOW! A life changer for sure.

michelle said...

Alison, your at such a rough place in this journey, ever so close, but still waiting, for "the call". Feeling for you and just wanted you to know we are praying too. Let Him be strong for you Blogger Buddy:)

Unknown said...

praying for you - the wait is so hard!

Robin said...

This wait has been so long and hard. Hugs to you.

Unknown said...

I hear you, friend. It's just hard sometimes. And, I'm ready to rejoice with you soon. Come on, good news!!!!!

Rachelle said...