Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Melkam Gena! Our 2nd Ethiopian Christmas!

I am so behind on blogging, and I need to catch up on our holiday pictures!  Wow, how does 2 months go by between every blog post?!?! :)

I think I'll start with our Ethiopian Christmas Celebration last week!  This was our 2nd Ethiopian Christmas to have Caroline Faith Letehiwot with us, and we invited our friends, the Smiths, to come over and celebrate with us!

 Getting the table ready for our Ethiopian feast!

 The girls and I made another layered cake this year!  So cute!

 But the cutest is our Ethiopian princess!!!

 She was so excited to celebrate!

 She says, "Melkam Gena!" (which is Merry Christmas in Amharic)

 Eating with her best Ethiopian friend, MoMo!

 The Ethiopian feast!!! We had Ethiopian potato salad, chicken, Ethiopian spaghetti, wraps (in the place of injera), and Ethiopian honey bread.  The kids were really good about trying almost everything!

 Moses loved his Ethiopian spaghetti!

 Caroline ate a little bit more this year than she did last year! :)

 A sweet kiss for a sweet friend!

 Cute kids after dinner!

 Only one piece of cake left!  We did the layers like the Ethiopian flag!

 The next morning was January 7th, which is Christmas Day in Ethiopia.  We started a tradition last year of hanging chocolates on a little Christmas tree and giving the kids one gift each.

 Caroline reaching out for her chocolate!

Another Christmas celebrated with our precious Ethiopian daughter, and we couldn't be more thankful!  I hope she (and all the kids) grow up with fun memories from celebrating this special holiday!


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